Open for Commissions

How do you envision your next custom piece of art?

This is your opportunity to choose the subject, size, materials, colors, and style. Send a message with your thoughts and ideas, and we will get back to you with pricing and options to make your dream a reality.


Commission FAQ

How much is it to commission an original?

Pricing is based on the cost of materials and the amount of time put into a project.

Things that affect how long a painting takes include the size, color pallete, level of detail, and sometimes, the species. I work with each client to discuss options and come up with a future piece of art that everyone loves.

Current commission rates range from $250 - $5,000+ with additional costs for travel, live-painting, speaking, and video/content creation.

What do you paint with?

I primarily paint with oils.

But I also like to use charcoal, ink, watercolors, and acrylics.

Can you paint from my picture?

I prefer to work from my library of photography if possible.

Sometimes, I work from a client's photos if I can't get a reference photo. (e.g... a once-in-a-lifetime moment or an animal that is no longer alive.)

Do you only paint animals?

I can paint other things, but I prefer to paint wildlife related subjects.

I love telling a good story through painting. I'm happy to customize your commission with details to help tell that story.

Does it come with a frame?

I like to frame my work with reclaimed hardwoods and driftwood.

Framing can be included in the project budget. Artwork can also be shipped ready-to-hang without a frame on a gallery-wrapped canvas or cradled wood panel. If shipping is a hassle, a painting on un-stretched canvas can be shipped to you or your local frame shop.

Have more questions?

Send them along with your idea and let's create something new.


What do clients have to say?

Claire B .

"Tim, it's INCREDIBLE! I'll send a picture once we get it properly mounted, but it fits perfectly and is the most amazing feature piece 😍"

Lynn Y.

"Hello! The painting arrived tonight. I absolutely love it! Thank you so much! The colors are perfect and you really captured his face and eyes well. It is exactly what I was hoping for!!"

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