Otterly-Amazing Prints

Otterly-Amazing Prints

In Southern California, there's a unique and wonderful organization called Nurtured by Nature.

While they care for many species, their specialty is the Asian small-clawed otter. This organization cares deeply about conservation and education. To accomplish both, they offer incredible opportunities to learn about their animal ambassadors up-close. They support habitat conservation in the wild, and host Make-A-Wish families on a regular basis.

I have painted several of their otters over the years, now, you can get a print with a one-of-a-kind otter footprint on the mat for only $100! To paint the footsteps on both the original paintings and for the prints, animal care staff carefully paints the foot like a stamp with non-toxic paint. A few stamps and cleaned feet later, and they are swimming and playing in their pool.

Prints are only available through their website and proceeds go directly to them, click an image below to visit.

11x14 "Ottergraph" Matted Print


12x12 "The Hopeful Otter" Matted Print

11x14 "Otter Bubbles" Matted Print