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Teleoceras - Original Painting

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11.25" x 11.25"

Oil on Wood

Reclaimed Oak Floating Frame

This is part of series on Nebraska's Historic Animals. These species shaped the ecology and culture of the area and were painted at 8 Nebraska State Historical Parks across Nebraska.

Painted at Ash Fall State Historical Park.

Nebraska’s hasn't always looked the it does today. During the time of the dinosaurs, it was under the ocean. While you can find marine fossils near Lincoln from over 65 million years ago, Nebraska’s most famous paleontological site dates back just 12 million years ago, when the state looked similar to the Serengeti plain in Africa.

The teleoceras is a now extinct rhinoceros species that was around during a volcanic eruption in the Yellowstone area. Ash poured from the sky and blanketed animals searching for water in the aftermath. This ash perfectly preserved their remains and is, today, one of the most remarkable dig sites in the country.

While the skeletons on display are amazing reference material, I took a shortcut and used a bronze sculpture by artist and friend, Gary Stabb, as the inspiration for this teleoceras approaching the watering hole. Since the site today is a joint operation between the NE Game and Parks and the University of Nebraska, I thought it was appropriate for the sky to be a bright, Husker Red, in this apocalyptic scene.

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