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Davison Art Company

Monarch - Original Painting

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11.25" x 11.25"

Oil on Wood

Reclaimed Oak Floating Frame

This is part of series on Nebraska's Historic Animals. These species shaped the ecology and culture of the area and were painted at 8 Nebraska State Historical Parks across Nebraska.

One of the first settlements in Nebraska, Fort Atkinson State Historical Park is an amazing place to get to know what life was like in Nebraska when this fort was an outpost on the western frontier.

But this painting celebrates welcome change for the future, a new pollinator garden in front of the fort. This was the first animal I saw on arriving, a monarch butterfly, a fitting ambassador for pollinators. And since this fort “pollinated” the seed for the future state of Nebraska, it seemed like a perfect animal to represent this site. Note, there weren’t as many stars on the U.S. flag in 1820.

For more about the series, click here to read the story.

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