Saving Penguins - The African Penguin Nest Project

Saving Penguins - The African Penguin Nest Project

It all started in 2017 when AZA's African Penguin SAFE team did a kickstarter to help save critically endangered African Penguins.

I offered to paint a picture to help out, and that eventually led to an invite from Dallas Zoo's Bird Curator, Kevin Graham, to visit the project in South Africa. 

The Birds and the Bees | 2017 - 12" x 24" Oil on Wood - Painting was donated to AZA's African Penguin SAFE - Invest in the Nest Kickstarter Campaign.

In 2019, we traveled to Bird Island in South Africa to see the the project in action. During filming, I was able to squeeze in one painting while on the island. I painted this small watercolor in the middle of the colony, surrounded by penguins. Needless to say, some were more impressed by my work than others.


Watch our short film below, or visit Saving Penguins to learn how you can help.