Eureka! Our new home in Missouri

Eureka! Our new home in Missouri

Just a few short months ago, we were living in our tiny-home-on-wheels overlooking Santa Barbara, California, with a sweeping view of the mountains, ocean, and the Channel Islands in the distance.

But, an opportunity came that we couldn't pass up. So, we sold the house, packed up our stuff, (all of which fit into our prius and a moving van) and we headed east.

If you've known Stephanie and I for long, you know that we're both from the midwest originally. So, we imagined that the St. Louis region wouldn't be a big change - but we were wrong.

We found a home in Eureka, Missouri, just five minutes from Stephanie's new job at the Endangered Wolf Center. We've been pleasantly surprised how much we love it here. We are in the "St. Louis Highlands" which is the very northeast tip of the Ozark mountains. The hills and forests are beautiful, the rocky streams have clear water and pour into the (not as clear) rivers, and with miles and miles of trails nearby, we couldn't be happier.

BUT, the best change has been the new art studio.

It has been an amazing thing to go from six square feet in the tiny-home, to a detached workshop with a partition between a wood working shop and a clean studio.

Bonuses Include - 

     - No need to clean up everyday (and convert the "art studio" back into a living room / kitchen / hallway / bathroom entry.

     - Being able to work on multiple (large) paintings at once.

     - Storage! For old work, for new canvases, for... everything.

     - Stable wi-fi connection. (Watch out for live-videos)

     - No need to get into storage every time I need to build a frame or ship a painting. 

Obviously, we miss our tiny-home and all the sustainable features, but it sure is nice to have some space. Incase you missed it, here's a video of the "big reveal" of the new studio.